Organization Compensation Surveys

General Compensation Survey Estonia

March till August 2024

The compensation data of more than 91 000 employees from 451 different organizations. More than 140 Job Families which are updated according to the market needs.

General Compensation Survey will be completed in August. 

Sector Compensation Survey

Starts in March 2024

Sector based approach to the salary market. Sector specific job families, trends and compensation principles.

The following sector surveys will be conducted in 2024: Car, Pharmaceutical, Finance, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

Top Executive Compensation Survey Estonia

Survey conducted in October 2024
  • The executives and Members of the Board
  • The levels and structures of the remuneration packages
  • More than 100 different organizations
  • Will be completed by the end of November

Forecast Survey

Taking place in December 2024
  • Current trends in the salary market
  • The agenda and prognosis for the upcoming year

International Mercer Total Remuneration Survey (TRS)

Starts in May 2024
  • Salary data of 150 different countries
  • ​​Total remuneration: base salary, guaranteed allowances, short- and long- term incentives and benefits
  • ​​Possible to obtain salary information of a single individual job position
  • Internationally recognized methodology ​​

Baltic Salary Information

Starts in March 2024
  • 3 Baltc countries
  • Common methodology
  • Easily comparable data

Organizational Research

Commitment and Satisfaction Surveys

Can be ordered all year round
  • Figure Baltic Advisory has a long-term experience cooperating with different organizations
  • A comprehensive overview of the strengths and main bottlenecks in the organization 
  • Exciting visual and a thorough summary – both quantitative and qualitative analyses
  • Recommendations and input for further management decisions and follow-up activities

Organizational Culture Survey

Can be ordered all year round
  • Based on scientific knowledge
  • ​​Developed especially for the Estonian business environment
  • Estonian norm group
  • ​​Measures the organization on seven different scales
  • ​​It allows to display a complete profile of the whole organization or compare by departments
  • ​​Can be combined with other organizational surveys

Organization Consulting

Consulting the Organizational Culture and Talent Management

Can be ordered all year round

We create and develop management systems

  • Performance Management
  • Organization structure audit, structure types
  • Talent Management Systems
  • Change management
  • Establishing the principles of strategic human resource management

Consulting the Remuneration Policies

Can be ordered all year round

We create a remuneration system that meets the goals, culture and options the organization has

  • Job evaluation/classification
  • Reviewing or establishing the remuneration strategies and salary system
  • Creating the models for performance fees
  • Mapping the impact of the benefits
  • Trainings and seminars of the remuneration policies
  • Consulting the relevant communication